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Facebook landing page

Facebook landing page

A facebook landing page is a web page which has a performing function of attracting visitors to be a fan. It can become a great way to maximize your business potential through the platform of Facebook.

A Facebook landing page can a nowadays be created only through a 3rd party provider, but it is well worth the investment. Any post or Facebook advertisement will result in higher-end conversion rates if users are sent to a Facebook landing page before they are sent off the platform.

Facebook users scare very easily, they want to be fully aware, before being directed to your websites. Even if they are interested in your product they will bounce quickly because they were not necessarily expecting to be sent off the platform.

Landing page tabs are so much valuable because of their amazing ability to generate Facebook fans or followers as well as increase your brand profile. This is all done through the power of the Like Gate.

The like gates require people to like your pages in order to continue down your sales funnel. These are associated with campaigns, events, contests. But can just as easily be used for lead generation and more. They are awesome as they incentivize people to like your page but they do so completely within Facebook limits.

Here are some necessary points to involve in, to make an amazing Facebook Landing Page-

  • A Clear Value Proposition or Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Eye catchy images.
  • A CTA they want to click.
  • Include an entry form that does not make them bounce.

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