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Selling graphic designs online

Selling graphic designs online

A designer always seeks for an outlet for promotion of their designs. There are many websites available on the internet nowadays. There is no longer need to waste your precious time in creating web stores for nothing. Following are some popular websites you can loom for while selling your graphic designs online-

  1. Fiverr– this website was launched in 2010 to facilitate the buying and selling of online micro-jobs by freelance contractors. This website bring numerous benefits. Here the quality sellers are directly engaged with the buyers. Samples are posted for easy evaluation.
  2. DeviantArt– this is an online community which was launched in the year 2000. It connects people who deviate computer applications to fit client’s needs.
  3. BigCartel–  BigCartel is one-of-a- kind online stores to manage and sell graphic designs. The founder has placed much emphasis on making this an amazing platform by providing key features necessary to operate a customized online outlet for sales. The biggest advantage of this website is that anyone can begin a store without spending a penny.
  4. Zazzlethis is a great marketplace that assist independent designers display their art and abilities online . In 2007 it was recognized for its “best business model”.
  5. 99Designsthis website is one of the largest graphic design selling marketplace on the internet. It was unveiled in 2008. Consumers can hold contests to find perfect website designs. This allows both experienced and unexperienced artists to compete for work.

Many designers are now doing very well in their fields by the sake of these online selling stores. With a bit of preservence, it is possible to reach a wide audience and to market your products world wide.

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